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 New OSHA/NFPA standards for combustible dust and new OSHA regulations for hexavalent chromium.
Is your system conforming to OSHA standards?

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Powercore TG Series

Donaldson Torit PowerCore TG Dust Collector

Donaldson Torit Powercore TG
The Powercore TG is designed for thermally generated dust and is reshaping the future of dust and fume collection technology. Torit PowerCore TG is in a category by itself with a footprint up to 65 percent smaller than most cartridge collectors and smarter technology housed in the widest range of completely packaged and assembled units available up to 10,000 cfm. Torit PowerCore TG is the new way to get cleaner air in welding, laser and plasma cutting, and thermal spray applications.

Torit PowerCore TG collector strong and sleek all-welded housing is the ideal fit as a stand-alone on the plant floor or integrated into an OEM design. Factor in the energy saver package, quiet motor and smart controls specifically designed for metalworking, and the choice is clear. The Torit PowerCore TGís custom engineered components and integrated electrical controls in combination with Torit PowerCore filtration technology provide a finished product of superior quality.

PowerCore filter pack- not a bag, not a cartridge

What makes Torit PowerCore TG so smart? The difference is compact PowerCore filter packs with easy-grip handles that donít require tools.  A complete departure from the traditional cartridge filter, offset-stack PowerCore filter packs with high performance flame-retardant Ultra-Web filter media combine Donaldson Toritís proprietary technologies that are proven in the field for more than 10 years. Best of all, one PowerCore filter pack replaces up to three traditional cartridge filters, resulting in fewer, faster filter changes.


Smarter Filter PacksToritPowerCoreTGEnergySaver1.jpg

Efficient Filter media
Cost effective
Completely packaged
Smaller Footprints


Easy Filter Maintenance

Torit PowerCore TG filter packs are easy to remove and install. No tools required. Better yet, it takes only one person to do the job. Just open the T-Handles on the front access door and open the proprietary rotary filter locks to get instant access to the filter packs. PowerCore filter packs are lightweight and remain below the 50-pound OSHA Lift Limit even at the end of their life cycle. 


Optimized as a System

Smarter Filter Cleaning

Torit PowerCore TG collectors include a new state-of-the-art ZERO-Turn Power Pulse Cleaning System which is specifically designed to work in tandem with PowerCore TG filter packs and surface-loading Ultra-Web media. It delivers maximum cleaning energy in straight-line paths through the media and easily pulses the dust out of the fluted channels.

Better Recovery

What about those job shifts of cutting typical 10 gauge sheet metal today and 1/4 in. plate tomorrow? No problem for versatile and flexible PowerCore filter packs cleaned by the channeled pulse energy of the ZERO-Turn Power Pulse Cleaning System. PowerCore filter packs recover more easily than traditional cartridge filters from dramatic spikes in pressure drop during pulse cleaning. The result is longer filter life.

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